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Goodwin 16278
#34 x (Crown Royal x Incentive x Y-133 donor ewe)

We're excited about this woolly beast.
He possesses all the trendy foot/bone and tons of leg wool to go with a massive rack, loin edge and obnoxious hip set. He's high headed and walks around like he owns the place. He's mated to a set of mature ewes for March lambs and a set of 1/2 sisters for April lambs.
This could get really exciting!




"Stonewall" x "Thunder Up" x "Tommy"

Raised by Garrett Goodwin
Owned in partnership

I snapped a pic and sent Garrett a text the day this one hit the ground that simply said "He's Here !" He's been a special one all along. Sired by Dee Bros. "Stonewall" and dammed by Garretts' crazy good, thick, heavy structured ewe from John and Carol Nicewonger that is a "Thunder Up" x "Tommy". #34 has the strongest traits from both programs. Super ribbed, cool bodied, huge backed, elegant fronted, cool on the move and plenty of muscle along with great foot and bone and wild shag.. That about sums him up. His first lambs are here and he worked like a charm! He'll get used even heavier next year.




Lock N Load

Lock & Load x Y-133 (Y-30 daughter)

This Lock & Load son is so impressive in his hip and butt shape like his daddy is so known for while having a really cool look to him both on the move and in hand.  His mother is our Y-133 ewe that we build around.  Garrett showed her as a ewe lamb.  Her first lamb was Garrett's Reserve Champion Natural at OYE out of Incentive.  Her next lamb crop she had our best 2 Crown Royal daughters, then had our best 2 Paparazzi daughters, then had our second best Tommy daughter. Finally this year she had another ram lamb and he's been a keeper from day 1.  We are truly excited to see what he's going to do for us. We will have lambs in April 2016 sired by him.






Miller 0456
Mercy x (Buckmaster x Maker's Mom
x Masterpiece's Mom)

Raised by Miller Hamps
Pictured as a yearling

When visiting  Miller Hamps in 2014 I found 0456 as an April buck lamb at about 30 days old.  He was huge boned, trendy shagged, structurally rugged and sound, while also being upfronted, level hipped, cocky moving
and absolutely loaded with muscle.  The deal sealer for me was that on top of all that, he had an awesome looking, productive mother, especially considering she was 11 yrs old at the time. There was only one problem;.... I couldn't get him bought. Not for sale.
Fast forward to 2015..., when Jimmy let me know they had now decided to sell him as a yearling and wondered if I was still interested, I was and mentioned it to John Hodgson (who had seen him when we were at Millers again after 456 was weaned) and to Bart Cardwell, who we knew would appreciate him.  We made a quick trip to Seagraves, TX to check him out. Obviously he was still impressive and now resides in north central Oklahoma. We debated on a name for him and kept coming back to the fact that he was so good on the move and so cocky and upheaded, so we named him "RingMaster" We think he's one of the really good ones and are anxious to get his first lambs on the ground in 2016.

He's sired by "Mercy" and his mother is out of "Buckmaster" x "Makers" mother, who was out of "Masterpieces" mother.  (and Masterpiece was out of Buckmaster).

We'd like to thank the Miller Family for the opportunity to own him.

Owned in partnership with
John Hodgson (Hodgson Club Lambs), Ponca City, OK and
Northern Oklahoma College (Bart Cardwell), Tonkawa, OK

See his lambs at all 3 locations within 15 minutes of each other.




Lock N Load
Lock N Load

Impact Hamps 126
(Arms Race x Honey Badger x Young Jock)

This March 2013 born ram lamb has created a lot of excitement in our barn. He's trendy yet still practical and very useful. "Lock n Load" is dominant in terms of foot size and bone dimension and the older he gets the bigger footed he gets, but the main and more important reason we decided we needed to own him is the tremendous volume of correctly designed muscle he posesses from end to end, particularly in terms of lower butt shape and dimension. He's dead level in his hip and great in his chest floor carraige to go along with all that muscle too. He is impressive on the move as well as in hand.

"Lock n Load" exceeded our expectations in his inaugural lamb crop and customers raved about the combination of stoutness, muscle volume, body
shape and solid, strong feet and leg structure of his offspring.  Because he was a late March 2013 ram lamb we used him primarily for 2014 April and
May lambs.  However for the 2015 lamb crop we bred him early and expect over 100 January born lambs out of him.  In fact, we believe so much in
"Lock n Load's" ability so sire top quality offspring that we are mating him to most all of our  mature and yearling ewe flock for 2015 lambs.  He will also breed the tremendous set of super cool ewe lambs we kept out of John & Carol Nicewonger's "Tommy" ram.  Those ewe lambs will lamb in April/May
2015.  We will also be lining his genetics up by breeding the majority of his daughters to "Lock n Load" sons for April/May 2015 lambs as well.






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