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Reference Sires

Nicewonger 500
(Marcanel 29 x Protocol)

Tommy has sired many champions, true stud rams and outstanding females for John and Carol Nicewonger. We eagerly await the results of "Tommy" mated to our ewe base. Make plans to visit our farm this spring. We're confident you'll be impressed.






Simpson 6211 x Stitzlein R51(Quest)

Purchased from Stitzlein Club Lambs
Owned in partnership with V.W. and Connie Roberts

We will have lambs February thru Mid May 2013
Paparazzi x Snapshot

Reserve Champion FFA Crossbred
2012 California State Fair
Sired by Paparazzi

Champion Crossbred
2011 American Royal
Sired by Paparazzi
Champion Suffolk
2011 SW District Oklahoma
Sired by Paparazzi
Sired by Paparazzi
Owned by Schminke Genetics




CottonTop x (Composure x Leverage)

Twin to Begalka's "Upgrade" ram.
March 2010 ram lamb pictured in December after breeding 120 ewes.

Incentive is the most complete ram we've used. He's impressive! Whether it's coming at you, going away or analyzing from any angle.
Tremendous muscle shape and pattern coupled with absolute structural correctness on the move. He is very neat in his rib shape and his chestfloor placement remains tight and true whether in motion or stopped.He definately posesses the base width, bone and muscle dimension needed in our industry. His loin edge is full and his hip not only hastremendous width and dimension but also has great shape both from pin to pin and from dock to hock.Incentive is mated to much of our linebred ewe base and is throwing lambs that exhibit his strong traits plus that extra look that hisgenetics are known for. We have always believed in the "Protocol" genetic line that "Incentive" goes back to and fully expect that hewill have a bright future here.




As-Is x Juice's Grandmother

Here's a wooly legged buck with a great design, really wide and level hip set and lots of muscle expression. He's the reason we let "As-Is" go. We have great confidence in his ability to sire great ones. Backed by a super female line.



Crown Royal

King Pin x King Kong x Icon (twin sister to 6211)

3rd January Hampshire, Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia 2011
$10,000 Purchase from Simpson Livestock

“Crown Royal” was chosen as the next step in our breeding program primarily because we like the genetic possibilities he offers in regard to the super set of “Incentive” daughters we kept from the 2011 lambcrop. He was our 1st pick of the rams at Sedalia and after seeing him continue to develop all summer, we used him even heavier than initially planned. He is extremely sound in his movement and balances out from end to end as well as any ram we’ve seen. He’s tall in his chestfloor, level in his hip design and naturally runs uphill. He has the right kind of body shape and muscle design and as everyone that saw him this summer and fall has said, “he’s just plain cocky”!! All of this with plenty of bone and shag to boot. This picture was taken by Simpson pre-Sedalia and he’s gotten more and more impressive as he’s matured.

We think he’ll compliment our set of Digital, Juice,
Y-30 and Shooter females along with our Incentive ewe lambs.

His first babies are just hitting the ground as I write this, in early February 2012, and as I analyze them, I think we’re in for a set of lambs out of “Crown Royal” that’ll make heads turn and be standing on top when the dust settles. I’m super excited about the potential he offers as not only producing competitive wethers capable of major wins, but also siring males and females that will breed on for our operation as well as our customers. We’ll be getting “Crown Royal” babies from early February til mid-May 2012.

Sold to Brent Bolen - Durant, OK




Shotgun x (Arsenal x Shotgun)


Purchased from Todd Wise
"Fugitive" is the "out there" ram lamb we wanted to find in 2010. He is extreme in design, super tall fronted, huge boned, cool patterned and maintains the true muscle shape that is so hard to keep in a big pretty ram. He's throwing them extended, big boned, and cocky headed with plenty of muscle. We're really excited to see this set of babies grown out.
Our thanks to Chad Charmasson for locating "Fugitive" for us.

½ interest sold to Flying W Sheep Co. , Walker and Wyatt Wharton, Ben Franklin, TX




Shocker X Digital Daughter

Talk about cool wethers!!! Juice worked on every piece of genetics we bred him to. He combines our white tag line (Shocker, HyVoltage) and the "Digital" line in an amazing package. He is super correct with great rib shape and muscle pattern, great hipped while maintaining that naturally hard touch. We have retained many Juice daughters in our flock and they are proving to be a highly valued asset to our operation due to the phenotypic consistency they pass on to their offspring along with their maternal traits.

½ interest sold to Karin Fish of California.




Goodwin G-349
Digital X Cabaniss 86 Daughter

Casanova has been a favorite since he hit the ground in 2006. He's sired many winners for us and throws them with that cool look, up-fronted, tight shouldered with a really big rack and hip loin junction. His lambs measure great, are good on their feet and legs and move out really well in the showring.




Digital x 125-Benchmark

Our keeper Digital son from 2008. He's the biggest hipped Digital we've raised. Loads of correctly made power from a ewe family that always throws them that way.




Miller 355
Rumor x Buckmaster

Shooter is a linebred Jim Miller Hampshire ram leased from T.J. and Randy Cox of Ohio. Randy got him bought out of Millers keeper pen in 2006. This picture taken with a cell phone while in the breeding field shows him as natural as one can get. His structure and bone mass coupled with his correctness and ease of movement make him captivating to observe. He is tremendously wide based, really round ribbed and transitions that into the most expansive rack, loin and hip we have ever used in a stud ram. It's not often you find a ram with this much power and substance, and yet so neat in his chest floor and youthful in his shoulder and neck set. We think he is truly unique and have bred him to several Digital, Casanova, Juice and Benchmark females for 2010 lambs.



New Trend

Trendsetter x Uno

We were able to acquire this 5 year old Overman ram this year from the Burns family and are really excited about the possibilities he offers. If you recall the old "Trendsetter" ram that Overman owned, you'll remember some of the great ones he produced. The fact that "New Trend has the "Stopwatch" genetics on the maternal side is a plus for us as well. New Trend is the ram that Mark kept to replace Trendsetter and Burns got him bought as a 3 year old while we waited patiently to get him this year. Mark and J.R. both tell me he will throw them with huge racks and loins, lots of shape and expression of muscle, great rib shape and dead level hipped while being extra cool on the move.

1/2 interest sold the Ray Pell Show Lambs, Choteau, Oklahoma



The Heat

Torch X 2000 Daughter (Mother of Johnny Cash)

"The Heat" is a very wide based, big boned Suffolk ram with the added dimension of hip, lower leg, rack and loin seldom found in a ram of any breed with this much true shape, correctness of structure and look. His pin set is tremendous while on the opposite end, his chest floor is very neat and ties in high complimenting his uniform and smooth shoulder set.

We'd like to thank Hindman Club Lambs for parting with him, as he was to be one of their keeper bucks, and look forward to seeing his influence of our ewe base.

1/2 Interest in "The Heat" has sold to Bowers Club Lambs, Centerville, Indiana.



The Heat

Digits x Trademark

We appreciate Craig and Lori Scott of CLS Club Lambs selling us this tremendous ram. We found him at a few weeks old and knew he had to be our next step. "Digital" was born April 1, 2004 and is a double-bred "Ceasar" ram (half-brother x half-sister mating). His sire, "Digits", is sired by "Ceasar" and out of a "Trademark" daughter. The fact that this ram lines up the "Ceasar" breeding coupled with the shot of "Trademark" on his sire's side makes him an ideal genetic combination to use on our "Benchmark" daughters. (Benchmark is a Trademark son from Clay Elliott that we used previously and retained several females out of. They are tremendous brood ewes.) Getting a young ram to be fertile early enough in the breeding season can be a problem, but not for "Digital". He was an April 1st lamb, and we started getting lambs out of him in the middle of January. "Digital has exceeded our expectations and worked extremely well on all of our ewe base, Hamps as well as Suffolks. His lambs are structurally correct, well balanced, and loaded with muscle. Customers have described them as "having a cat-like walk full of style and muscle".




Ultra x Miller

We bought this "Ultra" son as a lamb from Dave Wittaker with the goal of raising a ram lamb out of our ewe base to continue on with. We were able to do that with what some say may be the best sheep we've ever raised. He's cool, correct and has a super hip and muscle pattern to him. Watch for pictures of him later.

Thank you to Mark Wallen of Texas for purchasing 1/2 interest in "As Is".



Hy Voltage

Little Mo x Primetime daughter

Sire of many of our 2004 & 2005 lambs
Unfortunately we lost this tremendous stud buck this fall but contact Rick Roberts in KS for early lambs out of HyVoltage. Rick has purchased several brood ewes from us the last few years and will have a really good set of lambs out of both Hy Voltage and Y-518 (Hondo x Smokey) for your inspection in 2006.




Sired by Hy Voltage

Used heavily in place of Hy Voltage. We think he offers even more dimension and continues that rock hard touch that his sire is known for. One-half interest in "Shocker" sold to CLS Club Lambs of Ransom, KS after they came down and saw the job he is doing on Digital daughters. Watch for the pictures of the ram lamb we kept and will be using out of Shocker and a great Digital daughter.




Trademark x Broker

The ram so many have inquired about! Benchmark is a Hampshire ram from Clay Elliott and John Allred of Oklahoma and Utah. He is tightly linebred, being out of their "Trademark" ram and a top "Broker" daughter, both of which are out of Hancock's "31" ram and top "411" daughters themselves. He was their keeper ram from the 2001 lamb crop. Benchmark's nickname is "Wedgy", because of his design! Tremendously wide hipped and chisel fronted with that extra "cool" look about him. He is an absolutely fascinating ram. "Benchmark" daughters have made tremendous producing ewes.



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